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Bio// Olivia MArie Shipman

"My goal as your makeup artist is to always stay true to YOU and enhance your natural beauty. I believe in celebrating the canvas in front of me instead of trying to change it. Above all else, makeup is fun! And you and I will have a great time working together. I can't wait to bring out the most confident version of you."

Olivia Marie became a makeup artist by accident. She got her start in film school as a producer, but quickly realized her skills were much more needed in the makeup trailer. She fell in love with the art and joy of makeup and taught herself the skills needed to be a top pro in the industry. With over 7 years of experience in film, television, digital media, and event makeup Olivia adapts beautifully to any makeup and hair assignment. You can see her work on Buzzfeed, HBO Max, and the viral Youtube series "Challenge Accepted". You can also see her work grace the pages of GREATEST Mag, COMPOSURE,  The Bare Magazine, and many more!

O Shipman_Headshot.JPG

I am a Certified Sanitation Specialist

While the world adjusts and reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it is more important now than ever to prioritize proper hygiene and sanitation practices. I have updated my sanitation education and incorporation COVID-19 specific safety protocols so I can keep myself and clients safe. I am certified by @sanitationconversation.

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